my husband is a nerd and p.s. i love it

let me be perfectly honest here:  my husband is a nerd.  i see absolutely no fault in this.  in fact, i love him in all of his quirky glory.  but lets face it, there are things that i have been introduced to in my life with eric that i would have never come across on my own and there are certain things i've had to learn to embrace:

  • i am now very aware of the importance of a kill ratio.  i would maybe be interested in learning to play call of duty so we could play together, but i don't want to mess up this ever-important statistic of his.
  • when eric described the firefly tv series to me as a "western set in space" i have to admit, i was more than a bit skeptical.  now i have not only watched the whole series, but i'm definitely a fan.  i love nathan fillion's raw wit and although i don't understand why every nerdy guy is obsessed with summer glau, at least i know who she is now.
  • one word: rifftrax
  • star wars:  no, i didn't love them, but yes, i watched them all.
  • when we went to a high school volleyball game a couple weeks back and someone shouted, "yah 62!" eric yelled out, "what about beef stew?"  the highschoolers looked at him like he was such a dork.  i chuckled.
  • yes, this is my husband cheesing in a transformers t-shirt.  and yes, i bought it for him:
ohholycow...this was only two years ago and he's got such a baby face!

nerdy tendencies i'm a little more resistent to:
  • star trek - okay, i loved the new one, and as long as they continue to make them, i'll go see them.  but the old ones?  hubs got it wrong when he started me out with a next generation movie.  i don't care if the william shatner ones are much better, because i've been so turned off to them by the ones with the bald guy, and levar burton?  that guy peaked with reading rainbow.  seriously.

more of this, please... (source)

...and less of this, mmmmkay? thanks (source)
  •  world of warcraft (aka WoW):  wow is right.  he doesn't play anymore, but he definitely did in college.  i'm sorry, but, "i'm a level 19 hunter" doesn't exactly impress me, especially since i actually just pulled that out of nowhere and while it sounds legit, it may not be a real part of the game.  regardless, i cannot be convinced that RPGs (role-playing games, for those of you lacking in nerd-speak) are a cool thing.
  • monty python:  i know that these guys are supposed to be funny, but i'm afraid their humor is a bit lost on me.  and i love stupid humor.  maybe it's because i just suck at understanding people with accents.
i wonder what eric has had to embrace about me.  quite possibly the fact that i will be dressing up as luna lovegood for the midnight premier of harry potter in ohhh...approximately 1 week, 2 days and 10 hours.  weeeeeee!

what can i say?  i guess it's nerd love.

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5 Responses to “my husband is a nerd and p.s. i love it”

  1. Ah! You're a Harry Potter fan too?!? My husband has to adjust to the Potter talk as well.

  2. you know it...i told you we're like the same person.

  3. I was telling my husband about this, and he laughed and said "So do you know what a kill ratio is?" And then procedeed to inform me. Also he is a Star Wars nerd, yet somehow I have avoided watching any of them. And we too will be at the midnightshowing of Harry Potter! That is my nerdiness though. It's possible we're couple dopplegangers lol.

  4. this cracked me up! He sounds just like my husband. and you sound just like me... AMAZING. haha

    and yeah, not a fan of WoW. it's rage-inducing, actually.

  5. haha, i love it. life would be dull without nerdy husbands.