DIY hanging magazine holder

Eric found a deal for a subscription to ESPN magazine - $2 for 12 issues.  Well, about 17 issues later, he's still getting them; talk about the gift that keeps on giving.  And then there's me, who won't part with a single Madewell or J.Crew catalogue unless pried from my cold, dead hands (have you seen how pretty they are?).  All of this is basically to say we have a lot of magazines just laying around.  So when I was walking around our town hangout Walmart and saw a magazine holder, I thought, "I could do something with that."


  • Mesh wire magazine holder (in stationary section - $5)
  • Yarn (had on hand)
  • Yarn needle (had on hand)
  • Spray paint (had on hand - used Krylon Brushed Metallic in Nickel)

  1. Start off by spray painting the holder.  Allow at least a few hours to dry (I let it dry overnight).
  2. Cut off a long strand of yarn, string through yarn needle, and tie a knot in the end of your strand, leaving a long enough tail to tie to your end tail. 
  3. Begin weaving your pattern.  I went diagonally up 6 spaces, then back down to create a chevron pattern.  It is worth noting here that, as you can see through the mesh, you will need to maintain neat lines by following behind the lines you've woven on the front side.
  4. When you get to the end of your line, go up one space and follow the same pattern back to the beginning.
  5. Tie your ends together and trim close to the knot to create a clean finish.
Confession time:  we are bathroom readers.  In our last house, our master bathroom had a bookshelf hanging over it, and even though I thought it was a silly feature to have, I've been surprised by how much I miss it.  As a result, I knew I wanted to hang the holder in the bathroom so we would have easy access to all of our best reading material.  So I had Eric pass the fussy baby off to me, and within the time I fed her, he managed to find a stud and nail this baby (not THE baby) onto the wall through one of the openings in the mesh.  And voila!

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5 Responses to “DIY hanging magazine holder”

  1. What a brillant idea ! Really love it
    btw, I totally love your blog, just discovered it :)
    xoxo from Paris

    1. Thank you! I checked your blog out too, but unfortunately, my three years of French in high school didn't seem to get me very far. Good to have you here :)

    2. Oh thx for your reply !
      Haha, no worries. Well I used to translate all my post at the beginning but I'm so talkative and my articles are so long so I decided to stop.
      See ya !
      PS : sorry, my english is not really good...

  2. This looks so cute! I love the idea of hanging it on the wall.

    1. Thanks Jenmarie! It's added a fun little pop to our little walkthrough bathroom.