letters to lucy: 5 months

Dear Goose,

I know I start off every month this way and that I'm super predictable, but how are we here?!  Five months is an amount of time that is really beginning to sound substantial.

Above all else in month five, I want to forever remember that this is the month that you really came to life.  You are learning so much so quickly and it is so much fun to watch.  You are the woman of a thousand emotions and you wear them all on your sleeve face.  Your expressions crack me up, especially your look of surprise and your pouty face.

Mama has worked on documenting your life more closely in the past month.  And not just big moments, but the little things I know I will always cherish writing down.  I've heard of other moms creating files to write memories on note cards, and I think I may have to start one of my own.  It is already fun to look back on notes like, "Mama and Lucy laid in bed together.  I watched you play with your hands - very peaceful."

Things I'm loving most about you this month:

  • Your big chunky baby cheeks.  I nom on them all the time because, well, they're just so nomable.
  • Your version of a hearty smile is opening your mouth as wide as you can.  I love when you display your one little tooth for all to see.  
  • Your love for blankies is precious to witness; tonight I went to put you to bed and you were fussing until I handed you a little fleece blankie with silk trim.  You held it up to your face and stroked the fleece, and you were out within a minute.
  • You have discovered your feet and hold onto your right foot any chance you can get.  You remind me of a little roly poly.  This new discovery has also led you to figure out splashing in the tub - we love bath time!
  • You are playing a lot more independently.  We got you a Jumperoo and you have figured out all of the toys.  I was especially proud to watch you figure out the spinning toys.  You are such a smart little girl - a short one, as your feet don't even come close to touching the floor, but bright nonetheless.
  • In reaching for things now, you've also started reaching out for our faces and holding them between your two little hands.  It feels so wonderful to have you responding and taking such an interest in us.
  • You love Daddy, but you are still Mama's girl.  You sleep best and smile most when you are with me.  I know later in life there will be times that we don't get along as you try to assert your independence, but I hope underneath it all that there will always be these strong feelings of love and connection between us. 

It's so easy to love you that your daddy and I have realized we haven't been as focused on going out of our way to love each other.  So we are making it a point to reconnect and do special things for each other.  We recognize that one of the best ways that we can love you is to love each other.  I pray that our marriage will be an example to you someday and that it will reflect the amazing amount of love, respect and hard work that we are putting into it.  I also hope that you will see the silliness and humor that the two of us share - it's important to find someone that will make you laugh daily to keep life from getting too serious.  Your daddy's really great for that.

Thank you for all of the joy, laughter and love that you have brought into our lives in these short five months.  You are a special girl, Lucy - beautiful and smart and wonderful.

I love you,

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One Response to “letters to lucy: 5 months”

  1. It's emotional to read your letter knowing that your feelings for your little girl are the same I have for mine.

    She truly has some Lolly in her when I read how she loves her blankies with the silk trim.

    You're a BEAUTIFUL family and this Momma is proud of all of you!