i got a fever, and the only prescription is more baby

when eric and i got married in august 2009, we decided to wait anywhere from three to five years to start trying for a baby.  immediately, i had some co-workers at my old job who i swear set up a pool as to how long it would take us to conceive. i know none of them had us lasting more than a year.  and then there's my mom, who will say to us that we should wait until we're ready, but will tell anyone who is willing to listen that she is ready to be a grandma now yesterday. 

well, here we are 14 months later, still standing our ground.  or, at least one of us is.  in fact, eric is clinging to that ground.  and me, well, the baby bug is taking over a bit.  not enough to say, "let's go for it," but definitely enough to make me seek out cute little pinchable baby cheeks in others' blogs and daydream about the perfect nursery (fyi, i'm already 100% set if we have a girl).  and then there's the fact that everyone and their brother sister around us is having babies.  literally...one of my best fort wayne friends, katie, had a baby on easter, not even two months after her sister had a baby on valentines day.

so, just to remind me why we're waiting so maybe i can convince myself that i won't die if we wait another two years:

  • student loans...seriously, will those things ever go away??
  • i want to be able to stay home when we have our first kiddo
  • we've only been together (dating included) for just under 2 1/2 years.  do we really want a baby when our relationship is still a toddler?
  • we already have a ton of kids.  true, it would be awkward if we pinched the cheeks of our high schoolers in young life, but they're still cute and we love them just the same.
  • i love sleep.
  • two puppies + baby = ??!!!?
now i just need to stop torturing myself by looking at adorable chunkers like this one:

seriously...is death by cutenss possible?  if so, i'm gone.

(credit to my amazing wedding photographer, mandy, for capturing this little punkin. seriously, she's wonderful, and not just because that picture of eric and i at the top of her blog is also hanging in her studio and her new wedding boutique.  but seriously, it doesn't hurt her case.)

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3 Responses to “i got a fever, and the only prescription is more baby”

  1. We made a "Bucket List" of all the things we wanted to do before getting KU. That way we weren't restricted by dates or time tables....but by what we wanted to do before expanding the family.

  2. we've done that a bit in terms of a loan repayment plan, but i think if we thought any further beyond that, eric may always come up with something else we have to do first. he has never been around babies and the idea of them scares him to death. eventually, i'm going to have to catch him in a weak moment for us to take the plunge :)

  3. Hey girl, I'm a new follower..I found your blog from Harpers Happenings..and just felt we had a lot in common after reading some of your articles. OMIGOD, I have a serious case of baby fever too, and after waiting FOREVER for my husband to finally give in, we just started trying. I look forward to reading about your adventures. If you'd like to check out my blog goto: http://katrinagelino.blogspot.com/