steppin' out saturday {all-nighter edition}

this morning was a young life type of morning in all of its glory.  i say this morning, but what i really mean is while the rest of you were in your warm, cozy beds dreaming away.  before going any farther, i think it needs to be said that i feel old.  i have not pulled an all-nighter since college, and now i know why.  i am wrecked today.  my body hates me.

that being said, it was an absolute blast.  i haven't explained much about my involvement in young life on my blog, but it is quickly becoming my life.  i feel so blessed that this is the ministry that God has chosen for me.  i love that i get to be in relationship with high school girls, that i get to ask the tough questions and challenge them, and that a handful of them trust me enough to let me in to share the best and the messiest parts of their lives.  constantly i find myself thinking, this is exactly where i'm meant to be.  i feel so privileged that God has entrusted me with these girls' hearts and that i get to share Him with them.

oh, and then there's the fact that i get to go roller skating, hang out around a bonfire, play dodgeball and have dance parties in the dark with glow sticks.

if you can believe it, after the event was over at 7 am, i still managed to drag myself to breakfast at ihop with these charming girls, a couple of the guys, and three of the other leaders (including hubs).  then i came home and crashed hard until about 5 pm.  

i managed to get up, make us some dinner, and then head to the outdoor mall.  i had to try on some clothes at eddie bauer to make sure i put down the right sizes for my christmas list.  seriously, can i have one of everything from that store??  oh, and by the way, one of the pairs of pants i tried was a size four.  it must have just been the particular style, but ohhhh yeah.

another lame self-attempt
this trip was all about comfort:
tee:  forever21
reversible vest:  found this at elder beerman in college
pants:  jc penney
boots:  steve & barry's (r.i.p)
black tulle flower earrings (love):  forever21

lucky for me, today was the day that santa arrived and they lit the tree at the center of the mall.  everything looked so pretty.  i am unashamed to admit that i am that person that believes christmas should start after halloween.  it's nice to see others catching up to speed with where i've been for about the past three weeks.
o christmas tree, how lovely are your branches
and we have a new store!!! it's not open yet, but i am so stinkin' excited.  they are putting the final touches on it, and from what i can tell from outside, it has a huge collection of costume jewelry and other accessories, some handbags, and even some clothing.  oh, and it's all organized by color.  awesomesauce.

and to wind up the night, i climbed back into the car and pulled through the chik-fil-a drive thru to get a peppermint chocolate milkshake for the hubs and me.  it was heavenly.  

and there goes my size four. 

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5 Responses to “steppin' out saturday {all-nighter edition}”

  1. I love your fur vest! I've been looking for one, but can't find one that is right. Also, we have a charming charlies here at the polaris mall, it's pretty sweet!

  2. They have a Charming Charlies at Polaris...cute stuff, but really matchy-matchy. It's all organized by color, which is kind of fun. A little more expensive than Forever 21.

  3. Your all nighter sounds like such fun. I don't know how you do it though, I can't even handle staying up till 2am haha.

    Love your outfit, by the way!

  4. Hey! you said you had a hard time mixing cute w/ comfy? girl you nailed it with this outfit. whatchu talkin bout?
    reading about you stayin up all night just makes me yawn. yer crazy :)

  5. A reversible vest? LOVE! You look great (and comfy too). xx