steppin' out saturday {craft show edition}

today i stepped out, sold some of my crafts and ended up spending more money than i made.

oh hi squints mcgee with a crazy cat at your feet and a julia roberts-sized vein popping out of your forehead.  if it's possible, this is the best picture i managed to take, and sadly, there were several attempts.  it was not a photogenic type of day.  but i digress.

i'm sure i'm not the only one, but i have a tendency to associate my clothes with memories from the time that i bought them, so i've decided just to briefly list a little detail about each piece.

sweater - buckle:  bought just after christmas '07 and first worn during CRU's christmas conference in indy.  which is where God and i went from being acquaintances to bffs.
plaid jacket - loehmann's:  bought december '07 on a trip to chicago with some great friends that i really miss.  one of my best college memories.
olive riding pants - ann taylor loft:  just purchased last weekend on my shopping trip to indy.
boots - jc penney:  purchased the day after eric proposed (christmas '08).

not sure if i've mentioned, but i decided to take part in this craft show very last minute.  my mom and grandma were the ones that signed up for it.  yes, three generations of crafters.  i come from some real talent, folks, and  as they say, the proof is in the puddin':

this is my mom's handy work, and in case you can't see the wick, it's a candle, and it smells like the real deal, to boot.  not a waffle person (as if that's possible)?  then check out her pecan pie:

true story, she has had someone try to eat one of her pecans before.  i wouldn't recommend it.

my grandma was a seamstress, and for as far back as i can remember, up until my senior year of high school, worked in the bridal business.  for a while, she owned her own business that she ran out of her home, where she had a bridal room (heaven!).  since then, she's hung up the lace and beading and now spends all of her time quilting. she makes purses, quilts, and has added aprons to the mix.  check it out:

this one is easily my favorite.  it makes me want to have a baby girl right now just so she can make the bedding from these exact fabrics.

i am a huuuuge apron fan.  i fell in love a while back with jessie steele and own this guy.  but i gotta say, she's got nothing on the fabric choice my grandma made for this christmas apron.  storybook children with gingerbread men and houses?  presh.  this makes me want to bake cutout cookies this second.

i went by myself this weekend because hubs had a managers' meeting for work.  i was seriously bummed at first, and definitely missed him, but i got some amazing time to myself in the car.  on the way back tonight, in the dark, passing through the middle-of-nowhere ohio, as i was sipping on coffee and listening to norah jones' humble me,  i was struck with this unexplainable feeling of complete and utter contentment.  

life isn't entirely smooth sailin' right now, but dang, i've got it good.

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10 Responses to “steppin' out saturday {craft show edition}”

  1. Love your outfit, you're adorable! Also? I kinda want to take a bite out of one of those candles... they look awesome!

  2. Oh, I want to eat that pecan pie. And then realised the wick - DOH! Just popped over from Mandy's SOS to say hi. xx

  3. Love your outfit! What about your accessories :) That necklace is cute!

  4. Too cute! And, girl, you look just like Reese Witherspoon!! How awesome that you come from a family of crafters. My best friend and her mom are quilters, so quilts have a special place in my heart. Your grandma's work is beautiful!

  5. thanks, all! torie, the necklace is h&m and the bow hair clip and rosette cluster in the second were both made by me.

    suzanne - i get the reese witherspoon thing a lot and i feel flattered every time, so thanks!

  6. ahh, you are so cute! i love those boots. i will trade you my sweater for your boots. yes??

  7. hmmmmm...i do LOVE that cardi, but no bueno. those boots are too much of a staple in my fall and winter wardrobe. i did look back at another sos of yours and you had an adorable pair of flat brown boots. you're good to go!

  8. I love your boots! I can't live without my brown boots in the fall & winter either.(I'm afraid I'm going to were them out)

  9. adorable! those candles are amazing! And i love your outfit. makes me miss fall...