yup, we're those people

sometimes when i really step back and think about it, our relationship with our dogs might not be normal.

since the day we brought lily home, eric has referred to me as mommy, and i to him as daddy.  if i say to her, "where's daddy?" she will run straight to him, but "where's eric?" would just lead to a blank stare.  and if i ask titan anything, he just cocks his head to the side and looks confused.  you'll get there, buddy.  it just takes time.

when people talk about their children, i find myself relating to them with stories about our dogs.  seriously, lauren, people don't want to hear that their children are like dogs.

eric and i lovingly refer to lily as our little "turd muffin" and titan as our "poopsicle".  i have no idea how or why this started, but it's the picture of mature parenting.  i can only imagine the names we'll come up with for our kids someday.

and my ultimate low as a puppy-mama:  two weekends ago, eric and i stayed in to watch a movie.  at one point, i looked over and saw titan and lily sleeping on their huge dog bed (seriously, this thing takes up about a quarter of our living room).  they looked quite content and i decided to join them for some snuggle time.  i ended up falling asleep, and when i woke up, eric and the dogs were gone, it was 7 am, and i had slept all night on a dog bed.  oy vey...

but seriously, who wouldn't want to snuggle up to these monsters?

on a side note, for more of titan and lily's story, i've created a page just for them.

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2 Responses to “yup, we're those people”

  1. We are totally those people too. I often catch myself sharing puppy stories when others are talking about their kids haha. But they are our babies!

  2. Lauren, we're those people too...we find ourselves staying home with the doggies 'cause they might be lonely after being home all day. And at work I do the same thing, someone will say something about their child and I say, "oh yea, bear/bailey did something like that"....gotta love them!