steppin' out saturday {shopping edition}

if there is anything my husband hates, it's shopping.  the second we walk into a store, by the look on his face, you would think someone just told him his puppy died.  so when he suggested we go christmas shopping together earlier this week, initially my jaw dropped.  then i got excited.  and then i became skeptical.

i have to admit, he rocked today.  the dead puppy face made minimal appearances, even after six hours of shopping.  we managed to finish up both of my brothers, one of his sisters, his mom, his grandma, and all three of the kids we picked off of the angel tree at church.  i also found a dress for my work christmas party next weekend and snuck in a purchase for eric while he wasn't looking.  all-in-all, a pretty successful shopping day.

i don't know if he would have made it without the stop we made at the food court to eat at panda express.  the man loves panda.

camel-colored cowl neck sweater:  gap
skinny jeans:  LOFT
coat:  guess (one of the most amazing black friday purchases i've ever made)
boots:  st. john's bay - j.c. penney
felt rosette hair clip:  me

after shopping, we changed into our jams and watched "the muppet christmas movie" while we finished decorating our tree.  it's so much fun pulling all of the ornaments out of storage.  every year for christmas, my grandma gives all 14 grandchildren (16 now with spouses) an ornament.  how she has always managed to keep track of what we all like amazes me.  for 8 years, my theme was "i love lucy":

i realize my love for this woman may be bordering on unhealthy.
at the end of the day, we ended up with a lot of stuff, empty wallets and a cozy house.  now we just have to hope that titan's first christmas isn't an especially curious/destructive one.

by the way, hubs prefers colored lights, but i've always been a bigger fan of whites.  i just think they look so classy.  we compromised with whites on the garland over the windows and coloreds on the tree.  what is your preference?

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9 Responses to “steppin' out saturday {shopping edition}”

  1. My husband loves colored lights, I only like colored lights that are the old school big bulb colored lights. So we compromise too, colored on the tree and white on the house!

  2. Love your coat! Also, your tree is too cute :)

  3. I LOVE your coat too!! I'm a new follower & totally planned on putting up my first steppin' out post today but then I edited my pictures on my mac & ruined them AFTER deleting them from my camera so ... no steppin out post for me. Yours is adorable though!

  4. I like colored ones myself. But then, I'm all about color... always!

  5. that jacket is awesome!! good score!!

  6. I used to love the colored lights, but recently changed my mind. I think the white is classier, too. We do white on the tree and colored outside. I still love the colored ones outsite. A few years ago we took a string of red and a string of green and took the time to unscrew some from both to make one long string of red and green alternating lights. Love it!

  7. Oh my heck! You're coat is the cutest!!! I love lights, I am a light fanatic, so any color will tickle me pink. I was reading your about me and felt encouraged! I love finding new brothers and sisters in Christ! God Bless you!!!

  8. white lights all the way!!