do i have to?

does fashion blogging mean you have to post your outfit even if you're not so sure anymore that you really like it, or if it's not as flattering as you thought it was when you looked in the mirror, or if your hair won't do anything today?

i thought so.  crap.

dress:  target
shirt:  LOFT
tights:  vera wang for kohl's
mary janes:  brand new @ salvation army

i love each of these pieces individually, but together, something was a little off.  i felt a little bit old-fashioned, which isn't really a bad thing, but i think it would have been better had this dress hit a little bit above my knees.  the proportions just weren't really working.  well, there's always tomorrow!

in amazing news, the camera bag that the hubs bought for me as a christmas gift finally arrived.  i pulled up to the house, caught it out of the corner of my eye by our front door, and squealed with delight.  that's right, squealed.  i raced it inside, tore cut through the approximately 18 layers of packaging, and found exactly what i was hoping for:

isn't it pretty?  watch out world, louann and i are sticking together from now on.  the best part?  i can fit enough of my other crap essentials inside of it that it'll suffice as my only bag/purse.  thanks hubs!

now, if only i had time to actually learn to use my camera.


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9 Responses to “do i have to?”

  1. This is my new camera bag...I'm obsessed!

  2. I love this outfit! You look beautiful.

  3. @ steph - wow, lucky duck. i love the kelly moore bags but they're soooo 'spensive!

    @ megan - thanks! i'm probably being a negative nancy. i'll just suck it up.

  4. I'm loving the dress and your slicked hair. STUNNING! And your camera. Jealous much? Yes, I am! Happy learning all about it and taking lots of photos to share with us (of course)! xx

  5. great the colors and your patterned tights.

    AND, you're was my 100th post! i totally missed that. i have tons of "drafts" so i lost track!

  6. Teehee, you are so funny. You had no reason to second guess your outfit, you look great!! Love that dress. And... that's your camera bag? It's adorable! Matt and I just have a dinky backpack...

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  7. I got this dress for Christmas in black, and I'm also struggling with how to pair it with the right shoes, tights, and accessories. I actually love the shoes you paired with it, so I might have to try some ankle strap heels! Thanks for the tip. xo

  8. Lo, where did you get your camera bag from?

  9. @ Jen -
    that's a really long url, sorry. also, you could use any purse, and they sell inserts. you would just have to know your dimensions and find one that fits. i just googled "camera padding insert" and came up with a bunch of options.