less awkward, still shrimpy and poof love

i really feel that i need to prepare you for the intense posing you are about to witness.  proceed at your own risk.

i was feeling quite studious today, so this is me...exercising my brain.  (please don't let them ask me what book that is)

just perusing the bookshelves for a good find.  maybe i should revisit ACSM's guidelines for fitness testing and prescription, you know, brush up on the old college bank of knowledge

i really need a pair of glasses.  dang you 20/20 vision.
 cowl sweater:  gap
blazer:  gift from my mother-in-law, eddie bauer
riding pants:  LOFT
boots:  st. john's bay for jc penney
earrings:  gift from my ma, target
belt:  thrifted, salvation army

even if the photos are super cheesy, at least it's getting a little less awkward posing for the hubs.  "the hubs?" you may ask.  "but lauren, it looks like you put your camera on stilts and set the self-timer."  yes, that would be my husband, hence the aerial view in all of my pictures.  even more sad?  he was squatting down a bit for these.  in any other setting, i would be the norm and eric would be the tall drink of water.  but when it comes to his mom's side of the family?  well, just have a look for yourself:

this picture is actually very deceptive.  it doesn't even come close to doing the height difference justice.  at the beginning of each year, we meet up with my mother-in-law's side of the family at pokagon state park in angola, indiana.  this was my third year, and every year that i've been part of this tradition, at least one person will approach the family and ask if they are a sports team or point out how extraordinarily tall they are.  i love this family, but when we leave them, my neck breathes a sigh of relief.  if you would like a better glimpse into the lives of the tall women in this family, you should visit my wonderful sister-in-law's blog.

where was i?  oh, yes, poof love.  i had some free time tonight and decided to make myself a little something pretty.  introducing my newest poof:

don't mind the robe.  comfort is a prerequisite to a creative crafting mind and nimble fingers.  this isn't made up, it's a scientific fact.
wow, that was random and altogether unorganized.  thank goodness tomorrow is friday, y'all.


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5 Responses to “less awkward, still shrimpy and poof love”

  1. In that first picture, you look Reece Witherspoon. And I totally agree on the crafting in comfort. It should be the law.

  2. That was the funniest post ever! Love it! I giggled especially hard when you talked about the lovely angle in which your husband takes the photos. That's me. My husband, although not tall, certainly doesn't bother to get down on my level (if you know what I mean). He just snaps from the top of the steps. Useless. I love him, but USELESS with a camera! xx

  3. You look adorable, per usual! Love your crafting too :)

  4. You are too, too chic! Love that outfit, you wear grays and browns so well!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  5. ha! you are so cute. i love your poof & i woulda never guessed you were wearing a robe. also? has anyone ever told you that you look like reese witherspoon? yup.