offers, sweet potatoes and fedoras

i know, i'm a little behind on this process.  this week was a little crazy.  we got a call on tuesday letting us know we would have a showing on thursday.  this led to a scan of the house and a quick mutual conclusion between eric and i:  "oh crap."  i was proud of myself for still managing to cook a good dinner on wednesday (and a new recipe to boot) before we rushed around the house, cleaning in an absolute frenzy.

apparently it paid off, because we got an offer on the house yesterday!  we are still in the process of negotiating, but God willing, we will hopefully begin looking for our next home this week.  i am still trying to find all of our before pictures from when eric first moved into the place pre-engagement so i can show all of the updates we made in our 2 1/2 years here.  it'll be fun to see the differences.  more on that later.  oh, and also i got into a car accident which was so stupid of me and now i'm really embarrassed because it was all my fault and i will never drink coffee in the car again and i've totally learned my lesson and can we please never talk about it again?

now, to play catch-up.  my first meal for this 30 day challenge of mine was bbq beef sandwiches and sweet potato fries/chips:

i'll freely admit that i cheated on the beef by buying it prepared, but those sweet potatoes were all mine.  i'm proud to lay claim to them, because this is the first batch i've ever made that actually turned out crisp without being burnt.  sweet potatoes are tricky, y'all.  to finally get them right, i sliced them about 1/4" each, put them in a large ziploc bag with about a tablespoon EVOO (does this make anyone else think of Baby Mama and immediately giggle?) and some rosemary and shook it up.  then i baked them at 450 degrees on some parchment paper for about 30 minutes, flipping them over halfway through.  perfect.

it was the perfect summer meal to share on a great summer day with the hubs...and my new fedora.

please pay no mind to the ridiculously wonky state of my hair these days.  if you'd like to know why it's so awful, see more on my moronic promise to eric here.  needless to say, it's time to hack it all off for a trim *le sigh*.  my solution to the problem currently is wearing my hair up or wearing hats.  at least with hats, you can't see how wonky my roots are.  can i get an amen for hats?

i think i should go look for those house pictures now...

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4 Responses to “offers, sweet potatoes and fedoras”

  1. Those potatoes look delish!

    Also, I hope you are ok from your accident!!

  2. Congrats of the offer on the house, so exciting!! And your meal looked amazing.

  3. Yummy! Kay, you've inspired me. I'm going to follow your example and cook at home for 30 days too! B/c I'm a mom and I still get selfish :) I mentioned you in my post.

  4. Lo, those things look great! What's the recipe?