our wedding

this is a post that i've been avoiding for a while.  how on earth can i possibly capture the best day of my life to date in a few words?  i'm not really sure, but i think it's time i try.

waking up felt like christmas, except 23947 times better.  you know how every other day of the year is a struggle to get out of bed?  or is that just me?  but then christmas rolls around and the second you start to come to, you remember what day it is and immediately jump up, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to go.  or is that just me too?

one of the things that i remember most about our wedding day is the overall sense of calm i felt leading up to the ceremony.  even when my sister-in-law's dress managed to pick up some gum from the church parking lot and the hem of my dress ripped, leading to some last-minute repairs.  i didn't even have to will myself to be calm.  it just happened naturally, and i was so thankful for that.

the black ring was my something borrowed and was the first piece of jewelry my grandpa ever gave my grandma


i will never forget the look on eric's face when i walked down the aisle.  i love our family and friends, but as far as my memory is concerned, he may as well have been the only one there.

i also will never forget how long the song that my aunt sang for us seemed to be, simply because it was between the time that we lit the unity candle and when we were pronounced as husband and wife and finally got to kiss each other.

michelle featherstone - we are man and wife.  beautiful.
it's amazing to me how the most memories from the day are wrapped up in the 30 minute ceremony.  before and after that is pretty much a blur, but those 30 minutes will forever hold a place in my memory for the weight that it holds; when we got to declare our love for each other in front of God and all of the people that we love most.

then we had a greeting line (i wish i had known how long those things take...whew!), took some pictures and were an hour late to our reception.  i'm sure that was a pain in the butt for some, but we were married, so i didn't sweat it.  the food was great, the dj was wonderful, and the company wasn't so bad either.

our friend tyler sang our first dance song, andy davis - bigger than us, and did an amazing job.  i'm so sad that this didn't get captured on video.  we may have to have him give a repeat performance at some point.

we danced to all of the wedding favorites and at one point, a dance-off took place between the funniest four-year-old i've ever met and one of my besties' husband.  sadly, this also didn't get captured on video.  obviously if i could do it over again, i would hire a videographer.

when i look back at our wedding, it's not the fact that we didn't hire a videographer or the little snags that stand out to me.  because at the end of the day, i was married to my best friend, the most wonderful man i have ever and will ever know. 

and that made it a perfect day.

{all photos by mandy paige photography}

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3 Responses to “our wedding”

  1. Your wedding pictures are so beautiful!

    I was completely calm our wedding day too. I wish I could do that day over and over again!

  2. Hi, Im a new follower, your wedding pictures are awesome!

  3. oh man, gorgeous! and i LOVE the black ring. what a great piece of borrowed jewelry :) i would have a hard time giving it back. haha.

    so which camera did you decide on getting?