what's my age again?

it's time for a little game i just made up called, "guess lauren and eric's age?"

this weekend, eric and i packed up the pooches and headed to ohio to visit my family for the weekend (hence the lack of posting).

the trip back was such a relaxing time for me to just be able to enjoy the company of my husband.  it consisted of the following:

1.  eric's old-man cardigan with suede patches on the shoulders and elbows, which i happen to love on him.

2.  me knitting.  eric chuckled when he asked me what i was making and i responded, "what do you think i'm making?  i only know squares and rectangles."  but you know what?  i make squares and rectangles like a champ.

3.  listening to garrison keillor's a prairie home companion on NPR.

feel free to submit your guesses.  

...and i totally understand and won't be offended at all if you guess 65.

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7 Responses to “what's my age again?”

  1. Oh this post is hilarious. You just sound like a couple who are happy to be yourselves. And if it's 65, who's to judge? And you have the advantage of not looking 65 (which has got to be a good thing)... Hugs, xx

  2. Squares and rectangles are what I'm only able to knit as well haha! And I'm not familiar with no. 3, so I can't guess your age! But I used to 'knit' a little when I was about 10 (lol) so you're definitely not 65 for that! x

  3. That's a very good question...I'm guessing 24 and 26...... hmmmmmmmm............

  4. Hey, thanks for stopping by and saying hello!
    And I would not guess your age at 65...you are way too cute! Plus you know how to blog :)

  5. Prairie Home Companion and elbow patches are the bomb.com. And oh so very hip. =)

  6. Ha! You two are cute. And I just read your 'about me' thing and I'm wondering if we are the same person?! :)